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Métamorphoses provides training and coaching solutions that can completely revolutionise your knowledge, your skills and your attitudes in the long term. By developing your abilities, your professional aptitude and your behaviour, you can be sure that you will be able to improve your skills in the long term, work more effectively and draw more satisfaction from what you do.


Training and coaching for businesses and public bodies

We specialise in training and coaching for businesses and public bodies.


We provide training solutions in a number of different areas: Management, Communication, Professional efficiency, Self-awareness and performance development (MBTI, Process Communication management).


We provide coaching solutions in a number of different fields: manager coaching, communication coaching, relationship coaching, organisational coaching, etc.

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Our training and coaching programme 

Our training and coaching programme includes :

formation management   formation communication   formation gestion temps   formation MBTI Process Communication Management

Management training, MBTI training


  Communication training 
  Professional efficiency   Coaching

MBTI training  










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