Our specificities

Management training

A pragmatic management approach that meets the current needs of organizations.

A program for all levels: from new manager to the manager coach.


Management training

MBTI® training

In depth expertise in MBTI® and real life implementation.

Our learning reinforcement module helps to better anchor learning.


Training MBTI

Process Com® training

A simple educational approach to take full advantage of all the practical implementations of the Process Com®.

A very effective tool to accompany people who "dysfunction".


Training Process Com

Intra - company training

Catalogue training or tailored made to meet your specific needs at the best value.

Management training, MBTI®, Process COM®, Project management, efficiency and communication.


Intra-company training


Coaching approach adapted to the personality of the coachee.

A global approach integrating the three fundamental dimensions of self-development: mind, body and behaviour.



Team building

A pragmatic approach to team building tailored to your needs:

Improve understanding and communication among colleagues.

Improve collaboration.

Improve cohesion around a project and common objectives.

Team Building

Why trust Métamorphoses?

The expertise of a team of senior trainers and coaches.

Our tools and educational approaches in constant evolution.

Our approach to maximize and "sustain" your performance improvement.

Our willingness to be a partner easy to work with.

Our quality / value ratio.

Our interventions in French, English and Dutch - in bi and tri-lingual.


Management videos

Engaging Manager© - Episode 1
Do you interpret the gestures of your interlocutors?

formation management - le manager mobilisant - video 1

Le manager mobilisant - Episode 2
Do you communicate in a sincere and genuine way?

Formation management - le manager mobilisant - video 2


Le manager mobilisant - Episode 3
Do you play a role?

Formation management - le manager mobilisant - video 3


Le manager mobilisant - Episode 4
The sandwich technique

Formation management - le manager mobilisant - video 4