Active listening training

Develop your active listening skills to improve your collaborations.

Learn to listen to and hear from your interlocutors with our active listening training. This training teaches you to develop your availability to the other to understand his message.

It allows you to develop your empathy to better understand your interlocutors.


Active listening training

Objective of the training 

Active listening training teaches you how to:

  • Understand the importance of listening in communication.
  • Develop your active listening skills.
  • Identify the obstacles that hold you back and your "non-listening" attitudes.


We offer training in active listening training in intra-company or individual settings.


  • Training contents

    • Define your learning goals
    • Understand what listening involves.
    • Identify and avoid barriers to active listening, such as filters, emotions mismanagement, etc.
    • Understand the impact of non-availability.
    • Listen actively by mastering different types of questions and reformulating effectively.
    • Strengthen your ability to listen through exercises and links with real-life situations.
    • Sum up the best practices and errors to avoid.
    • Take stock of what you have learned and prepare your personal action plan.



  • Target Audience

    Active listening training is for anyone wishing to improve their interlocutor's understanding.



  • Advantages of our active listening training

    Our communication training method is effective and leads to long-term results:

    • We go above and beyond learning skills (communication techniques and tools) and work on your behaviour, to improve the long-term quality of your listening in communication.Listening training is fun and practical.
    • It includes lots of exercises and applications to optimise learning.
    • Training is provided by senior trainers experienced in leading, training and motivating their pupils. You will be able to reap the rewards of their understanding of listening.



Intra-comp. training

Duration : 1 day

Langue : FR, NL, EN

Prix : group price, please contact us to know our rates

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