Conflict Management Training

Learn to manage conflict in order to build positive relationships

Manage conflicts effectively, with our training in conflict management. This training teaches you how to adopt the right attitudes and to find constructive solutions to conflicts.


Conflict management training

Objective of the training

Our conflict management training teaches you how to manage your conflicts more effectively:

  • Adopt the most appropriate attitude to conflicts.  
  • Look for constructive solutions to conflicts.  
  • Communicate with the people you interact with more effectively and constructively.


You can follow training in conflict management in intra-company setting.


  • Training contents

    • Define your learning goals  
    • Understand the benefit of well-managed conflicts, the difference between relationship conflict and content conflict.
    • Identify your preferential attitude towards conflict and adopt the most appropriate attitude according to the situation.
    • Follow the 3 steps for effective conflict resolution.
    • Avoid obstacles to conflict resolution.
    • Use the 4 questions model© to communicate effectively with all types of interlocutors.
    • Manage your emotions and frustration to communicate effectively.
    • Sum up the best practices and errors to avoid. 
    • Take stock of what you have learned and prepare your personal action plan.


    The model of the 4 questions© is a tool that we developed on the basis of the preferences in conflict management of different types MBTI®.



  • Target Audience

    Conflict management training is for anyone who wants to learn how to better manage conflict situations.



  • Benefits of our conflict management training

    Our conflict management training method is effective and leads to long-term results:

    • We go above and beyond learning skills (communication techniques and tools) and work on your behaviour, to improve the long-term quality of your conflict management skills.
    • We use the 4 questions© model, a conflict management model we have developed to adapt communication and the management of interaction with everyone involved.
    • Conflict management training is fun and practical. It includes lots of exercises and applications to optimise learning.
    • Training is provided by senior trainers experienced in leading, training and motivating their pupils. You will be able to reap the rewards of their understanding of conflict management.



Intra-comp. training

Duration : 2 dagen

Langue : FR

Prix : Group price, please contact us to know our rates

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