Examples of interventions in training and team building

Métamorphoses, 20 years of experience

Some examples of our achievements in Management, MBTI training (step1 and step 2), Project Management and Stress Management trainings.


Examples of interventions in training and team building

Examples of training we have carried out

  • Management. 
  • MBTI. 
  • Project Management. 
  • Stress Management.


  • Achievements in management training

    Training courses for managers of a public institution (9 days of training, more than 400 participants) based on modules to learn the principles of people management and implementation modules. The course was structured around the MBTI. Our role: design of training, pedagogical coordination and facilitation of part of the training. Mission carried out in subcontracting for another third party.

    Management training courses (duration 3 days), based or not on the MBTI. These training courses enabled participants to:

    • Adopt attitudes and behaviours that meet the expectations of their institution, their management and their collaborators. 
    • Adapt their leadership style and communication to their collaborators. 
    • Adopt engaging communication. 
    • Delegate and manage the work of their employees. 

    We have carried out this type of management training course for directors, managers and team leaders in sectors such as finance, B2B services, B2C services, consultancy, and for public institutions.



  • Achievements in MBTI trainings

    Training for the MBTI and team buildings based on the MBTI for various public institutions (federal, regional, communal, communal and related institutions, public transport), in the hospital sector and for private companies (interim, sectoral representation in the EU, Consumer services, finance, IT and consulting).

    These 1 to 3 days courses allow participants to:

    • Identify their MBTI personality type (we dedicate time to help participants make sure they have identified their genuine personality type). 
    • Understand their modes of operation and points of potential improvement as well as those of their colleagues, collaborators... 
    • Understand how to adapt their leadership style, communication and conflict management strategy to improve their interactions with their different stakeholders. 
    • On a yearly basis we deliver between 10 and 15 MBTI courses (either as such or as part of a management training course) and this for almost 10 years.



  • Achievements in Project Management trainings

    Two to three days project management training sessions that allowed participants to:

    • Learning project management principles.
    • Learn how to avoid and correct common errors in project management (trial-error learning approach in our training simulator). 
    • Improve collaboration in a project mode. 
    • Improve the quality of their project reporting and the results presentation skills to their hierarchy. 

    We have delivered this training to various private companies and publics of all levels: research centre in an industrial sector (more than 15 groups trained), public company, bank, industrial production, IT services, industrial services, engineering school and public institutions.



  • Achievements in Stress Management trainings

    Two- or three-day stress management training for several private companies (consumer goods, energy and energy distribution), hospitals, federal, regional and community institutions and related institutions.

    These courses cover:

    • Detection of stress signals and stress levels.
    • Working at the cognitive level (learning how to prevent stress).
    • Working at the body level (learning to unwind and relax).
    • Working at the behavioural level (managing responses to stressful situations). 
    • We have trained an average of about ten groups per year since 1997.