List of in-company training courses

What is in-company training?

In-company training is a training for one or more groups within your company or institution.

The training is set up specifically to address your needs. It can be a catalogue training course or a training designed and/or tailored made for you. In-company training is planned by mutual agreement.


Intra company training

What are the benefits of in-company training?

In-company training offers the following advantages:

  • It can be adapted to meet your learning needs and to improve the skills of your employees.
  • It is enabling the development of common experiences, references and a common language among your employees.
  • It offers the trainer a better understanding of the work situations and dynamics within your company or institution. We can therefore better advise you to maximize the impact of training and facilitate improvements in your ways of working.
  • It offers much more flexibility in terms of planning and setting up groups. Finally, intra-firm training is less costly than inter-company as from a minimum of 4 registrations.