Ethics Charter of Métamorphoses

Respect, trust in people

The respect of the participant and the trust in his potential for evolution are the basis of our ethics charter and guide our interventions of coaching, team building and our training paths.


Ethics Charter of Métamorphoses

Ethics Charter

Our approach to the ethics of our profession is structured around 6 axes:

  • Respect. 
  • Climate of permission. 
  • Positive intent. 
  • Trust in people. 
  • Independence. 
  • Absence of conflict of interest.


  • Respect

    • Respect of confidentiality: what is said and exchanged during training or coaching remains strictly between the participant (s) or coachee(s) and the trainer or coach. The examples we use remain anonymous. 
    • Respect for opinions: We respect the opinions of all our participants (as long as they start from a positive intention). We work in a climate of non-judgment.



  • Climate of permission

    • We ensure that our participants and coaches feel confident, set comfortably, talking or not sharing information and especially being themselves (the ability to learn, evolve, develop are severely downgraded by a state of stress, mistrust, fatigue).



  • Positive intent

    • All our attitudes, reactions and behaviours are accompanied by a positive intention which is to allow our participants and coachees to learn, evolve and develop. 
    • We are sometimes led to propose to a participant or a coachee a different perspective, to provoke a surprise or a shock; We always do it conscientiously and with respect for the sensitivity and ecology of the person.



  • Trust in people

    • We are convinced that our constraints lie within our limiting beliefs, come from state of stress, but not from a lack of potential.



  • Independence

    • We are independent of any philosophical, religious or political movement. Our interventions are carried out in total independence of spirit.



  • Absence of conflict of interest

    • We strive to achieve the learning and improvement goals our client has set for himself. We do not seek to commercialize or promote external products and services as a result of our interventions.