Why train in the Process Com®?

The Process Communication Management® a pragmatic tool to improve your communication

Our Process Com training helps you improve your communication skills, how you work and how you form relationships at all levels. It also gives you the tools you need to help others get out of stressful situations.


Why would you train in the Process Com?

What a Process Com® training helps you learn

Process Com® training helps you learn how to:

  • Understand your personality type and its structure (foundation, floors, etc.).
  • Appreciate your psychological needs.
  • Work in a positive way.


  • Process Com training teaches you how to improve your communication skills

    • You will be able to adapt your communication to the personality type of the person you are dealing with.
    • You will use the appropriate channel for the personality type: for example, a nurturing channel when you are dealing with a Harmoniser.
    • You will take into account the appropriate perception channel for the personality type: for example, more logical and factual reasoning when you are dealing with a Thinker.
    • You will respect the psychological needs of the person you are dealing with: for example, you will recognise the opinions of a Persister.



  • Process Com training will help you develop your interpersonal skills

    • You will strengthen your "floors". You develop personality floors other than your Base personality type to facilitate communication with other personality types.
    • A Rebel will learn how to develop his or her Harmoniser, Persister, Thinker, Imaginer and Promoter levels during different exercises, for example.
    Process Communication Management



  • You learn how to adapt your leadership style

    • The Process Com® allows you to identify the most appropriate management style for each personality type. 
    • You learn to motivate your collaborators.



  • Process Com training will show you how to help others rise above stress

    • You will adapt your communication style to different personality types. 
    • You will take the communication channel of the person you are dealing with into account. 
    • You will strive to satisfy the psychological needs of each personality type.