What is Process Communication Management®?

Process Communication Management® a simple and effective tool to improve your communication

Process Communication Management® (also known as Process Com) is a typology of personalities based on Transactional Analysis (TA). The model was developed in the 1970s by the American psychiatrist Taïbi Kahler, at the request of NASA. NASA used the Process Com® to train and select its astronaut teams.


What is Process Communication Management

Process Com® 6 personalities

The Process Communication Management® identifies 6 types of personality:

  • Thinker 
  • Persister 
  • Promoter 
  • Rebel 
  • Imaginer 
  • Harmonizer


  • Ground principles of Process Com®

    • Each type of personality has its own psychological needs.
    • When our psychological needs are met, we function well, we are in + / +: I have value, you have value. 
    • When our psychological needs are not satisfied, we dysfunction, our communication is no longer productive, we are either in +/-: I have value but you do not have, or in - / +: I have no value but you have it.
    • To communicate well, we must ensure that we meet our psychological needs.
    • Each type of personality communicates in its own way (using its own "channel" and "perception").
    • To ensure that I communicate well with someone else, I must ensure that I meet my needs and I will make sure that I choose the channel and perception that is right for me.
    • The person who ensures that they meet their needs and train to communicate well with the profiles that are different from their own can become an excellent communicator.



  • Characteristics of Personality Types

    Each type of personality is distinguished by:

    • Communication of its own (a preferential perception and a preferential communication channel).
    • Specific psychological needs.
    • Typical stress management: different sensitivity to stressors, responses under stress and ways to manage stress.
    • Preferences in terms of leadership style and work environment.



  • Advantages of Process Communication Management®

    The Process Communication Management® distinguish itself from other types of personality by:

    • Its pragmatic approach that gives you immediate improvement in your communication. 
    • Management tools to enable you to communicate more effectively, motivate your employees or manage stressful situations.