Process Communication Management

Improve your communication skills fast with Process Communication management®


Process Communication Management® (or Process Com) is a model for understanding personality types based on Transactional Analysis. It will give you the tools you need to improve your communication skills quickly.

Process Communication Management® looks at how different personality types deal with other people or communicate.





What is Process Communication Management?

Process Communication Management (also called Process Com) is a way of studying personality types based on Transactional Analysis (TA). The model was developed in the 1970s by American psychiatrist Taibi Kahler, on the request of NASA. NASA has used Process Com to train and select its astronaut teams.
The model identifies 6 personality types:


Each personality is distinguished by:


The features of Process Communication Management

Process Communication Management stands out from other approaches to personality types thanks to:

What is the point of Process Communication Management®?

Process Communication Management® helps you identify:



The individual personality inventory (a questionnaire to be filled in before a Process Com or coaching session) will help you identify your personality type and understand how you prefer to communicate.