Process Communication Management® Training

Become a more effective communicator with Process Com® training

Process Communication Management® (or Process Com) is a model of understanding personality types based on Transactional Analysis.It gives you pragmatic and effective tools to improve your communication, to adjust your dysfunctions and to better deal with the dysfunctions of your interlocutors.

This training covers the bases and applications of Process Communication Management, we also have a training for managers based on this tool.


Process Com Training

Objective of the training

Our Process Communication Management training gives you the tools you need to:

  • Understand your preferred communication style and the way you work, as well as how this affects others.
  • Adapt your communication style to the people you deal with.
  • Correct your own mistakes (difficulty saying no, systematic criticism, complete lack of delegation etc.).
  • Communicate and interact more easily with people who are not functioning well.


  • Training contents

    • Define your learning goals.
    • Understand the different personalities of the Process Com®.
    • Identify and understand the different types of personality.
    • Know the leadership styles, preferred environments, psychological needs and motivational sources of the different Process Com® types.
    • Identify the causes of stress and the typical stress reactions of different personality types.
    • Identify your own Process Com® personality type.
    • Train you to communicate with the different Process Com® personality types.
    • Identify signs of stress for yourself and others and learn how to manage of them.
    • Sum up the best practices and errors to avoid.
    • Take stock of what you have learned and prepare your personal action plan.



  • Target Audience

    Process Communication Management training is intended for anyone wishing to adapt their communication to different types of personalities.

    It is also aimed at people who wish to identify their stress signals (and those of their interlocutors) and learn how to manage them. 



  • Benefits of our Process Communication training

    Our Process Communication Management training aims to maximise your ability to improve your communication skills and how you manage stress:

    • Process Communication Management training is fun and practical. It includes extensive exercises and role-plays to optimise learning. Among other tools, we use the "Process Com game" as well as videos of examples.
    • We have extensive experience of Process Com training. Our trainers are keen to help people identify and fully understand their Process Com personality type. We also strive to give participants as many opportunities as possible to learn and practice Process Com.



Intra-comp. training

Duration : 3 days

Langue : FR, NL, EN

Prix : Group price, please contact us to know our rates

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