Our professional efficiency training programme




Our professional efficiency training programme :

We offer training in a number of different areas to boost your professional efficiency:

The purpose of our time management training is to help you work more efficiently and for longer. It covers ways of improving your efficiency (reaching your targets), improving your effectiveness (energy spent achieving your results) and adopting more sustainable ways of working to improve your long-term efficiency.


The purpose of our stress management training is to help you (re)discover a level of wellbeing, prevent burn-out and implement a long-term stress-management strategy. It is based on an approach designed to help you appreciate the causes of stress, learn how to relax and improve the way you react to stressful situations. It is enhanced by the latest findings of neuroscientists. 


Our Mind Mapping training will help you use your brain more effectively so you will be able to handle and remember information, improve your note-taking skills and develop your creativity.
Our training includes an explanation of what your brain needs to work effectively, an introduction to the “golden rules” of Mind Mapping, and lots of practical exercises that get increasingly difficult.
Our Outlook training gives you the basic principles you need to manage your inbox better and use the different Outlook functions. We offer two levels of training: basic Outlook training and advanced Outlook training.