Project management training on a simulator

Practical and realistic training with our training simulator

Become an effective project manager by training yourself with a practical and realistic approach with our training on project management on simulator.

The Simultrain® project management training simulator allows you to mimic a project in conditions very close to reality; You are faced with many situations encountered in most projects. You integrate all the key factors of project management: costs, deadlines, quality, risk management and human factors.


Project management training with Simultrain, the project management training simulator

Objective of the training

At the end of our project management training, you will be able to:

  • Manage a project applying a concrete, practical methodology
  • Use the main project management tools (WBS, Gantt chart, PERT etc.)
  • Avoid common project management errors
  • Manage your priorities, optimise the compromises between deadlines, quality, costs and motivation
  • Deliver a professional reporting.


  • Training contents

    Participants in our project management training manage a project using a training simulator. The simulator means that we can put participants into situations that are incredibly close to managing a real project.

    Each exercise on the simulator is followed by a debrief, structured around 3 themes:

    • What you have learnt in terms of project management
    • What you have learnt in terms of how the project team works (collaboration, communication etc.)
    • The quality of the presentation of results.

    The training is based on a methodology whereby participants learn from mistakes and corrections.



  • What is covered in the 2 days of the project management training

    • Work on the participants' objectives:
      • Identification of the profile of project restrictions experienced by the participants
    • Review sessions for the participants:
      • Reminder of some of the basic principles of project management
      • Check that all participants have the knowledge they need to complete the simulation exercises.
    • First practical project management exercise: 
      • Allocating resources to a project
      • Presentation of the results by the different project teams
      • Debrief by the participants and the trainer
    • Practical project management exercises (2 exercises):
      • Managing a project to achieve the targets in terms of costs, deadlines, quality and motivating the project team
      • Managing project risks and baseline variations
      • Presentation of the results by the different project teams
      • Debrief by the participants and the trainer 
    • Communication and collaboration exercise for a project
    • Final debrief and summing up
    • Personal action plan.


    We are working with SimulTrain® the STS project management training simulator.



  • Target audience

    Training in project management on a simulator is intended for people who wish to learn and master project management practice.



  • Benefits of our project management training

    Our project management training offers the following benefits:

    • Real project management training: most project management training effectively covers learning how to plan a project, but the actual project management tends to be approached from quite a theoretical perspective. Using a training simulator means that participants are put into a real situation, so the learning experience is concrete and practical.
    • Learning through errors and correction: the simulation exercise and the feedback from the trainer are designed to encourage as many mistakes as possible. Participants thus learn how to identify mistakes and correct them. The more mistakes participants make during the training, the less likely they are to make them again when they come back to work.
    • Realism: the project management training simulator, SimulTrain©, has been designed on the basis of an extensive survey of around 800 project managers. The simulator has been used for 10 years and is constantly being updated and improved. This is why participants find the project management training experience so "close to reality".
    • Complete coverage of project managers' training needs: the project management training simulator, SimulTrain©, helps teach participants how to manage projects and risks. It also helps to improve communication and collaboration within a project team, as well as the quality of reporting.
    • Engaging training: that really helps participants learn lessons that they will remember: the realism of the simulation exercise combined with the fun, engaging aspect of the training guarantee motivation and help to produce long-term results.



Intra-comp. training

Duration : 2 days

Langue : FR, NL, EN

Prix : group price, please contact us to know our rates

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