Stress Management training

Remain effective and responsive to stressful situations

Our training in stress management gives you the tools to improve your well-being and your professional efficiency; It helps you put in place sustainable and effective anti-stress strategies.


Stress management training

Stress Management training objectives

Our stress management training teaches you to:

  • Understand your sources of stress and detect your stress signals. 
  • Implement sustainable stress management. 
  • Find an improved state of well-being, quality of work and quality of life. 


Training in stress management is complementary to training in time management. We will help you determine which of these two themes or which mix of the two themes best meets your needs.


  • Training contents

    • Define your learning goals.
    • Understand stress to manage it.
    • Prevent stress by identifying stressors and identifying alarm signals.
    • Manage stress with barostress® * to find ways to recharge your batteries.
    • Act at the cognitive level to learn to put yourself in a positive mental state.
    • Act at the body level to (re) find a state of relaxation through the experimentation and learning of various concrete relaxation tools.
    • Act at the behavioural level to adopt operating modes that prevent stress.
    • Sum up the best practices and errors to avoid.
    • Take stock of what you have learned and prepare your personal action plan.



  • Target Audience

    Stress management training is for anyone who wants to learn how to manage stress and find a better work-life balance.



  • Benefits of our stress management training

    Our stress management training is effective and leads to long-term results:

    • We use a comprehensive, practical stress management training methodology. It is enhanced by concepts associated with the influence of our own personality (personal sensitivity to different stress factors, differences in reactions under stress etc.) and by lessons learned from neuroscience.

    • We use the barostress®, a tool created by Métamorphoses to develop a long-term approach to managing stress.

    • Our stress management training is practical. It includes lots of exercises (relaxation, work on perceptions etc.) and practical applications for the ideal learning experience.

    • You will reap the rewards of the trainer's grasp of stress management.



Intra-comp. training

Duration : 2 days

Langue : FR, NL, EN

Prix : group price, please contact us to know our rates

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