Team Building

Much more than a fun activity to develop a real team cohesion

A TEAM BUILDING is a set of activities and exercises to a team in order to develop team spirit, cohesion and improve collaboration.

Your team becomes more efficient and better contributes to the success of your business.


Team building our approach and tools

Our specificity

At Métamorphoses, we believe that TEAM BUILDING must be more than just a fun activity.

For TEAM BUILDING to be effective, we are convinced it should be more than having fun together; TEAM BUILDING must above all provide concrete solutions to the problems faced by your team, such an unclear mission, a strategy poorly or not communicated, undefined roles, conflicts, ....

We offer, based on your specific needs, a set of 4 types of interventions TEAM BUILDING:

  • Clarify the roles & missions. 
  • Facilitate team communication. 
  • Enhance cooperation & prepare the team for change. 
  • Conduct a diagnosis of the root causes of team dysfunctions.


  • Team Building activities

    Depending on the objectives identified with you, we act according to one of 4 categories below.



  • Clarify the roles & missions

    • Define roles, avoid the uncertainties or conflicts linked to respective responsibilities in the team. 
    • Get engagement around the mission, values, behaviours and team objectives. 
    • We use two tools: 
      • The MTRI® identifies the different roles within the team and optimize the responsibility allocation between the different members. 
      • LEGO games, according to a method inspired by the Lego Serious Play to define the vision, mission, values, ... of the team.



  • Facilitate communication

    • Improve understanding of its colleagues and relations with them. 
    • Solve relationship problems between team members. 
    • We use two tools: 
      • The MBTI to develop self-knowledge and understanding of others. The MBTI helps to accept the different operating styles; it can be used in the context of the leadership, communication or conflict management. 
      • Process Communication Management provides concrete and practical ways to improve communication within teams and with third parties. It also addresses dysfunctional individual behaviours in a constructive approach.



  • Develop better collaboration reflexes, prepare the team to change

    • We use two types of tools: 
      • Exercises, games and activities to facilitate communication and collaboration. Exercises include a playful dimension and recreation; among them, we use the game of the rope, the container, the puzzle, ... 
      • Our project management training simulator allows practising work in team and in project mode. You will be practising interpersonal skills, stress management and team development.



  • Conduct a diagnosis on root causes of problematic collaborations (issues related to cultures, company organization or history).

    • We use two types of tools: 
      • The GPRI to identify the dimension at which it is necessary to work (mission, roles, ...); it allows to structure a performance development intervention and enhance team cohesion. 
      • Organization Development to improve performance and sustainability of the business by effective management practices. It aims to adopt a culture where the human being is central.



  • Team building sequence

    • We assess with you the expected outcome of team building and select together the most appropriate approach. This can be based on self-knowledge tools (such as the MBTI, the Process Communication), team building (MTRI), communication games (Lego, puzzles ...) or a simulator project management. 
    • We facilitate team building activity. 
    • We close the activity with an action plan to implement learnings and ensure better management of the daily business life. 
    • We debrief to highlight the strengths of your team (or of your company) and points of development.