Time Management Training

Learn to prioritize, save time and manage your activities

Improve your efficiency, define your priorities and respect the rules of time management with Métamorphoses time management training. This training helps you improve your effectivenessand feel more fulfilledin your work.


Time management training

Objective of the training

Our time management training teaches you to: 

  • Increase your efficiency by dedicating your time, resources and energy to the things that are most important.
  • Improve your effectiveness, save time and achieve results more quickly and with less effort.
  • Become more fulfilled thanks to a better relationship with time (avoid perfectionism, the never-ending race against the clock, difficulties in getting your point across etc.).


Time management and stress management are often intimately linked. We will help you determine which of these two themes or which mix of the two themes best meets your needs.


  • Training contents

    • Define your learning goals.
    • Identify effective and sustainable objectives. 
    • Prioritize and plan your tasks (list, urgent and important).
    • Work more efficiently while respecting the constraints of the time.
    • Learn to manage your energy within the boundaries of fatigue and motivation.
    • Eliminate time eaters.
    • Understand the problems related to the relationship to time (perfectionism, race against the clock, ...).
    • Identify the impact of your drivers and beliefs on your relationship to time and to others.
    • Understand the impact of your psychic preferences on how you work.
    • Sum up the best practices and errors to avoid.
    • Take stock of what you have learned and prepare your personal action plan.



  • Target Audience

    Time management training is for anyone who wants to improve their efficiency.



  • Benefits of our time management training

    Our time management training is effective and leads to long-term results: 

    • We go above and beyond teaching you about what you need to know (prioritising, laws of time etc.) to focus on teaching you about how you need to behave (manage your drivers and your beliefs, take your physical preferences into account etc.), to improve your long-term approach to time management. 
    • We work on the 3 areas of time management: developing efficiency, developing effectiveness, improving your relationship with time.
    • Our time management training is fun and practical. It includes exercises and practical applications for the ideal learning experience.
    • You will reap the rewards of the trainer's grasp of time management.



Intra-comp. training

Duration : 2 days

Langue : FR, NL, EN

Prix : group price, please contact us to know our rates

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