Performance lies within human nature

Our credo reflects our beliefs that everyone has resources and potential.

We put the human dimension at the core of our training programs, team building and coaching.

Our team of trainers and coaches is convinced that the success of the companies of tomorrow depends on the respect, the listening and the development of the collaborators. 


At Métamorphoses we believe that Performance lies within human nature

Our motto

To be more effective in your company or organisation, a worker (a manager, an office worker or a labourer) must:

  • Feel good in his/her role.
  • Know his/her strengths and areas that could be improved.
  • Benefit from the opportunity to work on his/her own self-improvement with a professional training and/or coaching programme to suit his/her needs.

When these criteria are fulfilled, he/she can work more and more effectively and draw even more satisfaction and motivation from the job, which can enhance long-term loyalty to the company.

This is why, in Métamorphoses, we believe that: "Performance lies within human nature."


  • Nearly 20 years supporting the development of your performance

    That is why, Metamorphoses offers you, for nearly 20 years, a wide range of:

    • In-company training. 
    • Inter-company training. 
    • Individual training. 
    • Team building interventions. 
    • Coaching journeys. 

    Our interventions allows to develop the performance and the sustainability of your organization by improving the efficiency and the professional growth of your teams and your collaborators.



  • Efficient toolbox to develop your performances

    We use a range of pragmatic and effective tools to support you in enhancing your performance:

    • MBTI Step I. 
    • MBTI Step II. 
    • MTRI (team building tool based on Jung personality types). 
    • Process Communication Management.
    • Organization Development.

    Organization Development is a set of methodologies and tools designed to improve the performance and health of organizations on a sustainable basis.

    We are therefore in a position to identify the points of improvement of the operating models of your teams and advise you on this topic.